Trout and Salmon of Lake Ontario Species Guide

Our catches commonly consist of multiple species on a daily basis!

Do you know your species?? Click on the fish for actual photos!

Rodmaster Home Brown Trout
Trout & Salmon Photos The silver brown coloring of the Brown Trout is offset by many reddish brown spots on the gill cover and down it's sides. The tail is usually entirely without spots.
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Rodmaster Derby Records Lake Trout
Location Maps A forked tail and often a reddish coloring in the fins and tail make the Lake Trout easy to identify. Body color is a somewhat drab gray/green, covered with many lighter colored spots.
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Species Identification Rainbow Trout (Steelhead)
Highly acrobatic, jumping and darting fish. The most easily identifiable characteristic of the domestic Rainbow iis the pink to reddish band along it's side. Steelhead, the lake-run variety of rainbow trout, usually lack the pink color and are mostly silver or blue-silver. These fish have many black or brown spots, especially on the tail.
Atlantic Salmon
Green/brown body with 2 or 3 large spots on the gill cover and 9 anal fin rays. The Atlantic is the only salmon native to New York State.
Coho Salmon
A silver-green acrobatic fish, Coho are often hard to distinguish from chinook salmon. They have small, round to oval spots about half the diameter of the eye, spots only on the upper lobe of the tail, grayish lower gums, and 11 to 15 rays in the anal fin.
Chinook (King) Salmon
Also called the King Salmon, these fish can grow to be 30 to 40 lbs. - the largest of the salmon species in Lake Ontario. Like the Coho, they have small, round to oval spots about half the diameter of the eye, but the Chinook has spots on both the upper and lower lobes of the tail. They have black lower gums and 14 to 19 anal fin rays.